Grinning ear to ear, hands in your pockets, swaying left and right then, back and forth, scratching your head, and looking at the cars and people passing by – I could still remember how you looked standing there one chilly night in June. You asked, and slightly choked, a question with your voice wearing out. … More

3 AM thoughts

“Everyone feels lonely sometimes…time for you to make a new bucket list” I just turned twenty-four and I am as positive as ever about my future, but there would always be days when you’d feel like a loser in life. And I’m sure a lot of twenty-something OFWs would relate to me. You are living … More 3 AM thoughts

5 things I learned from watching Finding Dory

Thirteen years ago Pixar and Disney collaborated on a movie for kids and kids at heart that introduced an extremely irresistible character, Dory. Indeed great things come to those who wait, because after thirteen years, the two companies yet again treated us with a movie highlighting our favorite blue tang fish’s background. Aside from the … More 5 things I learned from watching Finding Dory

What I miss

Before, I never really imagined myself working or living overseas. When people asked me, I would often say that I wouldn’t be able to make it; that I constantly need to be with my family and friends, but it all changed when the year 2014 came. Everything happened  in a blur, not even sure how … More What I miss