23rd ๐ŸŽˆ

It has been a month since I celebrated my 23rdย birthday, and I feel like I also took a step onto the ladder of โ€œmaturity.โ€ I used to think birthdays are just for having fun, and just basically turning a year older, but by turning 23 Iโ€™ve come to realize that birthdays arenโ€™t only celebrated just to get cakes and open presents. Although, I am all up for parties, cakes, and gifts! hihi Now I see birthdays as opened windows of opportunities and unlocked doors of enlightenment, so cheesy, but so true.

Work has been so overwhelming that week that I did not even think of doing something special for my birthday. All I had planned was to cook spaghetti for dinner, but my friends had another plan in mind. I am a big fan of surprises so I was kind of expecting the surprise from them HAHA! But it exceeded my expectations. I was one happy kid turning 23 that night. It was then followed by a spontaneous night out filled with a lot ofย firstsย with my closest friends at work.ย  Turning a year older isnโ€™t really bad after all.


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