How My Students See Me

Teaching has always been tedious to me. You will work at school from 7 am to 6 pm then you have to check and grade papers. Not only that, you also have to boost your students’ interest in learning and their confidence in speaking up. But it’s a good thing that teaching is a two-way profession. You get to teach and be taught. Being a teacher taught me how to somehow break out of my introverted shell.

I was always considered as an attentive listener and not a talker. I’d often let others do the talking because most of the time I am not sure of what to say; and whenever I am sure of what to say it doesn’t always come out right. But by being an ESL instructor, I’ve somehow learned to move out of that shell. Being a teacher allowed me to talk more, well not really allowed, but forced me to haha. I have to keep the conversation alive so that the student won’t get bored, and that he’ll continue to talk. It is quite a daunting task for someone like me, but slowly I’m getting out there.

And so to help me help the students talk I often ask them random questions about themselves. One of my favorite questions to ask is that if they can or like to draw. Most answers would be yes, and that would prompt me to ask them to draw me! Haha I often do this when we’ve finished the lesson or activity for the day and we would only have 5 minutes left. It’s a way for me to rest and it’s a way for my students to get back at me hahaha.

Below are some of their masterpieces. Feel free to laugh or contact me if you want them to do yours too! Hihi



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