When in Antipolo

“Tayo na sa Antipolo, at doon maligo tayo. . .” perhaps this was the main agenda of people coming to Antipolo before (to bathe), but years passed and people’s interests changed that now it is just one of the many reasons to visit Antipolo. I, for one, often visit the city before because 1. My cousin’s family live there and from time to time we visit them; 2. My best boy bud lived there so before the time of this writing we would meet up at his place or a place near his; 3. Swimming resorts everywhere! And not just swimming resorts, but affordable swimming resorts perfect for summer and for those on a budget! 🙂 ; 4. The temperature; 5. Getting there is not a problem. You could take an FX from Cubao or SM Megamall; and a recent addition to my reasons would be visiting this fast becoming IT place of art and quaint, Pinto Art Museum.

The museum covers a huge area and one would not get bored for there are numerous galleries of paintings, sculptures, mosaics, indigenous pieces, a pool, a café, and a very nice view of the city skyscrapers. I’d say it’s a perfect place for a date, and so for my one-week vacation in the Philippines I took out my best friend and spent an afternoon being matured and cultured looking at several art pieces. Hehe


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