5 Things to do in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam, in general, is famous for its coffee and rice noodles or more popularly known as Pho. The area of land of the country is almost as big as Germany and has over ten large cities. One of these cities is Ho Chi Minh. It may just be another city to others, but in just about a year it *surprisingly* has become my second home. Perhaps, since it is a lot similar to Manila that it quickly became my home away from home. Vietnam also has few (as in few!) holidays so when an opportunity presented itself I spent the whole day roaming around the streets, or shall I say districts of Ho Chi Minh. Aside from the usual tourist destinations here are other five things you can try doing when you’re in HCMC.1. Have a healthy feast from breakfast, lunch, in between snacks, to dinner.

Vietnam has a lot of noodle dishes to offer fried, with soup, tossed in a salad, or wrapped in veggies the list would just go on and on. But aside from noodles, this country also offers various meat and most especially vegetable dishes that would be enjoyed by everyone. It might even convert picky eaters to veggie eaters, just like myself.

This is found in District 7, Phu My Hung. The restaurant has this carinderia feel that attracts locals and foreigners alike. Their food is very much enjoyed in the morning, lunch, or dinner. Just don’t go at around 2 to 4 p.m. because they close at this time to give way for some siesta, just like other establishments in Vietnam.

My favorite among all their dishes would be the fried spring roll.

2. Be artsy and visit the Fine Arts Museum of Ho Chi Minh.

Unleash your inner creative and enjoy being surrounded by art that dates way way back to the present. You get to see tons of art pieces while walking on floors that could also be considered as art itself.

walk around3. Shop for one of a kind products at an affordable price.

Aside from good food, and art Ho Chi Minh also brings a different style when it comes to fashion. They have quite a wide range of styles from well-established stores or brand names to those unique one-of-a-kind pieces you can find at a flea market. Most shoppers go to the ever trusted Saigon Square, just a short walk from the Notre Dame Basilica.

cafes4. Hang out at one of the many comfy – artsy cafes.

There are a lot of cafes to choose from in Ho Chi Minh. They aren’t just cafes with food and drinks, but they would be best described as a fusion of good food and good art. You get to fill your stomach with scrumptious food and drinks, and your eyes would also be having a feast with a number of murals and well-thought-of interiors.


5. Walk on art-like floors.

Not just in the museum, but all over the city. Ho Chi Minh’s streets, roads, floors are well-decorated that you’d feel like you’re walking on a piece of art. I know #selfies are photos of yourself taken by yourself, but when in Ho Chi Minh I guess you could start a new trend such as #shoefie 😉

I haven’t been completely around the city, but I am certain that it still has so much to offer, from quaintly decorated cafes, unexpected food carts in alleys, to undiscovered museums and utterly scrumptious healthy street foods. Every corner could easily be considered as one’s home for it’s a feast for the hungry stomachs, eyes, and minds.


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