What I miss

Before, I never really imagined myself working or living overseas. When people asked me, I would often say that I wouldn’t be able to make it; that I constantly need to be with my family and friends, but it all changed when the year 2014 came. Everything happened  in a blur, not even sure how everything lined up for me to actually leave my home country and live my life in a new one.

Two years have passed ever since I left my home country, and discovered a new home in another country. I’ve somehow accustomed to the ins and outs of the life abroad, but of course not completely. I’ve met tons of people, seen new beautiful faces, and eaten delicious food, that even includes vegetables! (What an accomplishment! haha)

I have been experiencing a whole lot of newness, but still a part of me misses a whole lot of people, places, and food back home. Aside from missing the company of your family and friends, another drawback of living away from home is your constant want of eating the food you used to eat. Being the junkfoodarian that I am, my appetite is so messed up that I now make up new words to add to my vocabulary, most of the food I miss are those that are easy to buy and eat, that is fast food.

What I miss PH junkfood

These are all found at malls or places near malls. They may be bought in air-conditioned places, but it doesn’t mean that they are expensive. These are very affordable quick bites for when you are in a hurry or just plain lazy, like me. And when you’re feeling extremely lazy, you can always rely on the food carts available just a few steps out of your door.

What I miss PH streetfood

But of course, all good things should be taken in moderation. These are all junk food, and not really good for your health so feel free to try them, but don’t overdose.


Grandma, if you’re reading this please don’t get me wrong. I also miss all the food that you prepare for me. I miss your exquisite taste in food and the extra serving that I get from you just because I’m your sweetest granddaughter. hehe



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