5 things I learned from watching Finding Dory


Thirteen years ago Pixar and Disney collaborated on a movie for kids and kids at heart that introduced an extremely irresistible character, Dory. Indeed great things come to those who wait, because after thirteen years, the two companies yet again treated us with a movie highlighting our favorite blue tang fish’s background. Aside from the overflowing cuteness, and learning about Dory’s life story, here are 5 life lessons I learned from Finding Dory.

1.When things get too difficult, there is always another way.
Things aren’t always done in only one specific way, and destinations aren’t reached by going in just one direction. More often than not, there are shortcuts, and other routes to take. It might even lead us to a surprise by taking the road less traveled.
Dory may have difficulty remembering things, but it surely doesn’t hinder her spirit in always trying. If Dory could do it, so could you!

2. Being friendly/positive lets you meet people that would make huge impacts in your life.
There would be days when we’ll want to be left alone, but it would still be outnumbered by the days when we want to be surrounded by like-minded, happy people. Never be negative about things just because they didn’t go the way you want them to. Positive thinking attracts positive results!

Just like Dory, always be creating happy bubbles and radiating positive energy towards others. Being positive would lead to a happy environment, a happier you and a healthy relationship with family and friends.

3. The best things happen by chance.
Making plans is good because it lets you know how you’ll attack different life situations. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll fret over setbacks from your plans. Things happen for a reason, maybe plan A didn’t work out because there are 25 more letters in the alphabet that just might work.

Dory barely remembers anything, and she’s okay with it. She even uses it to her advantage to have the result that she wants, and sometimes even better than what she planned for.

4. Trust your instincts! (Maybe not every single time, but it works most of the time…for Dory at least )
We’ve all experienced this. Is it A or B? You circle A first, erase then, circle B. Only to find out that A was the right answer. We’ve had a lot of items on our tests marked wrong because we suddenly decided to change our minds just before passing the papers. And most of those experiences didn’t end up well hence, trusting our instincts.

Dory braved and survived sharks and other scary underwater creatures because she believed in herself. She didn’t let double-thinking, or her short-term memory, get the best of her, which resulted to a lot of funny, awkward situations, but successful results!

5. Just keep swimming!!
Life is a one big roller-coaster ride. We are never on the same path, and we would experience loops, but that shouldn’t stop us from keep on going.
Just like Dory’s favorite song from when she was little, which was apparently taught by her parents, we all have to just keep swimming no matter what and where life brings us.


3 thoughts on “5 things I learned from watching Finding Dory

    1. Hi, Mariza!

      Thank you so much for reading! I didn’t even know someone would spend time reading it. 🙂
      And to answer your question, no I haven’t sent it to any movie sites, but I would love to. If you have any leads, please let me know.

      All the best!

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