Grinning ear to ear, hands in your pockets, swaying left and right then, back and forth, scratching your head, and looking at the cars and people passing by – I could still remember how you looked standing there one chilly night in June. You asked, and slightly choked, a question with your voice wearing out. I don’t know why you lost your voice; it might be because of the weather or your nerves getting the best of you. All these and I was just there smiling on the outside, but already laughing hard on the inside. The sight of you being all nervous was refreshing to look at.

We both leaned on the edge looking at the cars below us. Flashing lights, loud honks from the cars were all that captured my attention when you suddenly and slightly rested your left hand on my right. I was taken aback, but I liked the warmth it gave me, the security. My heart suddenly went 250km/h. And I thought to myself, “So that’s how it felt like.” I tried my hardest to hide my smile. I glanced at you, but to my surprise, your deep set eyes were already glued to me; and your then slight touch tightened. Slowly the gaps between my fingers were filled. You were still staring and smiling – I didn’t know what to do. Then, you asked, I still didn’t know what to do. I took out a notebook and tore a piece of paper, and there I wrote the three letters I thought I’d never say. I quickly put it in your shirt’s front pocket and walked away.

It may not be that special to others, but to me it was magical. It wasn’t how I dreamt it to be because it was so much more. It WAS my reality.


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