Flat White Coffee, Teas & Cakes

Located quite near the big coffee name giants Starbucks and Phuc Long, my friend and I were surprised to see another cafe along Ly Tru Tong street – it’s just a right right after the roundabout. From the outside, you wouldn’t realize that it is a cafe as the signs are in black and white. Perhaps, if it was in a different color or the font is different it would’ve easily caught our attention. Nevertheless, the name of the cafe, Flat White kept us intrigued. We wanted to know if it was just the type of coffee or there was more meaning to it.

The overall feel of the cafe is comfortable. The ground floor is where you order and where your drinks are mixed, and the first floor is where most seats were. It felt a bit empty going in, but the place grows on you. After getting acquainted with the new place, my friend and I liked how it felt like it was ours 🙂 It doesn’t have an alienating feeling that you’re just there for a drink and nothing more. We stayed for about two or more hours here.

So to end our curiosity, we asked why the cafe was named Flat White and it’s simply because of their main drink or let’s say the best seller is the flat white – a staple drink in Australia and New Zealand.


Now onto our drinks and food: We tried two desserts – a croissant, the lamingtons (thebomb.com) and cookies, and for the drinks we had choco banana smoothie and flat white ice blended. And because the name of the cafe is flat white, we also tried the original flat white. We also wanted to try their cakes, but there weren’t any when we went. The staff said that they make it fresh every day and yesterday’s batch was bought in bulk.

My friend thoroughly enjoyed the lamingtons. Take note that it was our first time hearing and tasting them, and we were not disappointed. They were not that sweet, just enough and perfect for the hot flat white. The cookie on the hand was a bit hard for me but perfect for the flat white ice blended. The cookie wasn’t that sweet, but the ice blended drink was, so they complemented each other well. The original hot flat white was too strong for me. It might be perfect for those who need to pull an all-nighter. My friend also enjoyed the choco banana smoothie. It tasted naturally sweet because of the bananas.

I checked their Facebook and at times they do have events held on the 1st floor of the cafe.

I think that this cafe is best for anyone who wants to wind down, finish some work or just hang out. We went there on a Sunday morning, so there weren’t many people yet.

When in Saigon and you’re looking for a cafe worth visiting, try Flat White Coffee, Tea & Cakes at 274 Ly Tu Trong, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1.





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